Standard Rooms


  • Tree Lodge Room Outside View

Zululand Tree Lodge has 18 Standard rooms; these luxuriously furnished wood cabins are set high up on stilts in the whispering tree tops of the Fever Tree Forest.  Be enchanted by the mystical forest right on your doorstep with an array of birds and plants to get you in touch with nature. 


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  • Tree Lodge Room Inside View
Zululand Tree Lodge has two Executive rooms. These luxuriously furnished rooms are ideal for honeymooners and small families, with their large panoramic windows and spacious room layout. These windows look upon the enchanting Fever Tree forest with birds filling sky with their song in the day, whilst crickets and the occasional hooting of an owl or cry of a Bush Baby could be heard at night.           

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Interleading rooms


  • interleading rooms

Zululand Tree Lodge has four interleading rooms. These are standard rooms that are interlinked by a passage with a lockable door. It is ideal for smaller families of three or four who would like to experience what Tree Lodge has to offer.


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